How Attend from Anywhere works

Our ‘Attend from Anywhere’ courses allow you to access award-winning classroom training without leaving your home or office. We use WebEx web and video conferencing platform by Cisco. Before you book you should check to ensure you meet the WebEx system requirements and run a test meeting to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings (if it doesn’t work you should adjust your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website).

One week before the start of the course we will send you Joining Instructions by email.
You should confirm that ‘My Virtual Account’ is  up to date by entering  your address for course-ware and booking a pre-test with a member of the Virtual Learning Team, who will check everything works.
Please launch the software 15-30 minutes before the course begins, connect your audio and familiarize yourself with the interface and how the virtual interactions work.
The course will be split into multiple sessions, with short breaks in between so you can stay focused and refreshed.
You can ask the learning professional a question at any time, either by simply speaking through your microphone or by using the interactive features within the WebEx control panel. Your learning professional will advise the best way to ask your questions at the start of your training.
Following the course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form, which will allow you to give detailed feedback on your experience and help us to make future improvements.