To help make sure that this community is a great place to meet and interact with others around the world we’ve developed a code of conduct that we ask you to adhere to and promote. This code of conduct applies to FUTURETHIS.ORG, our social media platforms, forums and blogs.

1. Be nice
Treat each other with mutual respect. Not everyone in the community will agree all the time, but a disagreement is not a reason to behave poorly or without any manners. As a member of this community, be respectful when dealing with other members.
Be considerate of others by not posting anything that could be deemed offensive or insulting. Harassment of any kind is not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to:
Violent threats or language directed at another person
Discriminatory jokes and language
Posting sexually explicit or violent material
Insults, especially those that are racist or sexist
Unwelcome sexual attention
Encouraging any of the above behavior
Friendly banter and repartee is fine, but make sure that other readers understand that you are joking between friends.
2. Play nice
Before creating posts you may want to search to see if a topic already exists, or if your question has an answer.
Try to stay on topic when posting in an existing thread. If the conversation is naturally changing focus then that’s OK but derailing conversation threads with new topics should be avoided.
Contribute posts and content that adds to the discussion or provides useful information for other members.
Please don’t spam threads or members with advertisements or promote goods or services unless it’s relevant to a question you are answering.
3. Be honest
Only use your own account for discussing and commenting on our content.
Make sure that the information in your MYFT account is up to date and truthful.
4. Protect your privacy
For your safety and privacy please don’t post, or request others to post, personal details such as phone number, email address, private message content or similar on forums within the community.
Your name and qualifications listed on your MYFT profile are not considered personal details. You can find out more by checking out our privacy policy.