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FutureThis IT Training & Certification Center Questions

We offer a wide portfolio of training courses, dedicated training facilities, multiple delivery formats and a geographical reach that is unique in the industry.
Our portfolio covers an extensive range of IT and professional skills training for in-person classroom training, online training through virtual classrooms, blended learning, on-demand training and through a worldwide partner network. View our course catalog for a full list of our available training courses. Choose from our convenient delivery formats to receive the training you and your team need—where, when and how you want it. Find out more about our delivery formats.

View a full list of classroom training locations. Receive industry-leading, live classroom instruction.

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Yes, we offer on-demand IT training subscription packages . see our special Offers


Online delivery note

Upon purchase you will receive a password via the email you used to purchase the course.

You will then be able to login to our online learning platform with your email and password.

You will have access to the platform for 90 days to complete your course. Additional access can be purchased if needed.

Due to time difference, there might be some unavoidable delays in delivering your package.

Please allow 72hours for delivery

Ou Virtual Classroom Live course Run Parallel to Our Live Classroom courses.

Upon Purchase you will receive information on how to join the live Classroom Virtually,


How long will I have access to the recording?
Enrolled students will have access to their class recording* for 12 months after the event.

When are my class recordings available?
Your recordings are available within eight hours of the end class time of each day of class.*

What are my choices for audio in the class?
You can choose to have audio through your computer speakers and microphone by a traditional phone (landline or cellphone) or an internet phone such as Skype.

What can I do in my virtual class?
You can speak normally or use public or private integrated chat to communicate with the instructor and other students. You will view the instructor’s slides, desktop shares and interactive whiteboard. You can ask questions, participate in polls, and even work on assignments and activities in break-out groups. In some cases, you can see the instructor through live video, and share your video if you have a connected USB webcam.

Can I access my class via a mobile device?
In order to access your session on a mobile device, download and install the Zoom Mobile app. Once the app is installed on your Apple iOS or Android device, Email to verify your enrollment and to provide a Meeting ID. You will use this mobile attendee URL to access your class from any of your mobile devices throughout the week.

Important: Using a mobile device should be an exception, as many Global Knowledge courses require a Windows PC to access the remote lab environment at various times during the week.

To access your course completion certificate, log in to your Myaccount and click the Course History tile. It may take up to 72 hours after course completion for the certificate to post.

Accredited Certificates might take up to  two weeks to be Delivered to you

If your course is not listed in your Course History tile, a partner may have emailed your completion certificate directly.

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